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Today I present you :iconkatrin-elizabeth: Katrin-Elizabeth! Enjoy!!! :iconloveloveplz:

Katrin-Elizabeth by Katrin-Elizabeth

Hello Katrin, hello Elizabeth, please tell us a bit about yourselves. How did you discover your passion for photography?

Hello everyone! First of all, we would like to say thank you for having us!
Well, we are two sisters from Ukraine, who are obsessed with creativity.
Just want to note that the creativity, in our case - is not only a passion for photography :)
But, thank you for rating this direction. We are very pleased that the reviews are so high!
By the way, we are not twins, as many believe. We have almost a year difference. Katrin is elder sister.
In our creative tandem - she is the generator of creative ideas for new projects.
About that, what we are doing now, we will tell you a little lower :)
Let's start with what you are asking: "How did you discover your passion for photography?”…
It all started with our cat Simba Iceberg :)
When we were teenagers, in the distant 2008, we have received from our parents most long-awaited furry gift. The kitten was fun, cute, charming, blue-eyed. We wanted to capture the joyful moments of our life together in the photographs for a long time. These were unforgettable moments! :)
And then his children needed quality photos. So it all started :)
We mean passion for photography :)
Of course, even after a long time, our main models - our cats. They can withstand any creative experiment :)
It should be noted that the photography was not our main interest.
We remember that we always created something: made presentations, filmed mini-movies, drew a lot. And, of course, photographed.
As it is written on our site, "Creativity makes our existence like life in the colours of the rainbow".
And this phrase, or rather our slogan, most accurately describes our attitude to life through the prism of art! :)

Deutsche Dogge by Katrin-Elizabeth

Which are the reasons you have made an account in deviantART? What makes you choose to stay?

In answer to your first question, we have already mentioned, that passion for photography has appeared only in 2008.
Until that time, we drew and created a mini-cartoons, trying to study music :)
Musical attempts gone into oblivion :)
But drawing and an interest in hi-tech technology, they bore fruit :)
Katrin was "totally swallowed" by creation of digital painting (Digital Art).

“Totally swallowed” - sounds a bit ominous... Is not it :) ?
She is fully immersed in the creation of digital paintings (Digital Art).
One day, when we created the design of the official group for professional photographers in one of social networks, we learned about the existence of the portal for creative people DevianArt.
Initially, we set up an account as an Digital Art artist. After some time photography was added :)
We really like DeviantArt because there is concentrated a huge amount of incredibly talented people. The unique planet on which people talk in their own language - the language of creativity.
Talking about digital painting (Digital Art)...
In November 2013, the famous music magazine Rolling Stone has published on its website an article with works.

This article had the slogan “18 Amazing Pieces of Lady Gaga Fan Art“. We are extremely pleased to know that digital drawing our authorship took place in the list of top arts!
A little later, Eurovision winner Loreen chose one of our digital drawings and posted in her official account on the social network.
Maybe it's not a very big achievement, but when we were 16 - 17 years old, we can not hide our joy from the people around us :)
Today, digital painting is the basis for the realization of creative ideas, when we create websites.
For several years, we create websites, which design is based on the results of our photoshoots (photomanipulation, realistic design based on photographs), and creative websites, design of which is based on the author's digital painting, special effects and animation.
Katrin continues to successfully engage in digital painting.
Elizabeth is focused on hi-tech direction. Coding, seo and website promotion – are her directions. And, of course, photography. Elizabeth - our main expert in the photography :)
We have long understood in what direction we are moving :)
We recently registered trademark Katrin-Elizabeth.
Katrin-Elizabeth®, today - it's not just Katrin plus Elizabeth, it is officially registered trademark and the name of the company that we are now creating. All is in the process ... But there are little results :)

Alexandria of Simba Iceberg by Katrin-Elizabeth

What artists of any media do you admire the most?


Frankly speaking, it is difficult to answer this question. Because over the past few years there has been a burst in creativity. We will not mention any names. We admire the self-made people.

Autumn sketch by Katrin-Elizabeth

What role do each one of you play when you work? Who takes which photos, and what does the other one do?


It should be noted that this is quite popular question.
As mentioned above, we distribute our responsibilities.
This is directly related to the fact that each of us has a wide range of interests. And only some interests are our common. And each of us like different areas of creativity.
- Digital Art artist;
- web-designer (web-design, special effects, animation);
- retoucher (post-production, color correction and retouching of photos);
- and lighting designer (during photoshoots).
- photographer (directly involved in photography and videography);
- programmer/coder (engaged in software, unique markings, she modifies the software, or writing from scratch);
- seo-specialist (deals with the optimization and promotion of sites).   

Make a wish... #4 by Katrin-Elizabeth

What is your favorite equipment and software that you’re currently using, and what made you choose those particular items?

The question is only about the photoshoots. Right? :)
Our equipment for photography includes digital camera Canon 5D mark II and lens Canon 50mm f/1.8.
We came very seriously to the choice of our first professional camera.
We delved into a lot of comments on the internet, looked different reviews. Of course, the fact that many photographers who created masterpieces, use this camera, played a role.
At the time of purchase, it was really very popular. I think it did not lose its positions now.
As for the lens - universal and budget. That says it all.
For studio photography we use pulsed light from Elinchrom.
Excellent quality, power, attractive complete set (we bought a set) - that's how we can describe this element of our equipment.
Also in our arsenal we have the equipment that we use very rarely. For example: Manfrotto tripod and a reflector.
If we remember correctly, we have not used reflector for its intended purpose for all 3 years of ownership :)

As for the post production (retouch)- Katrin for more comfortable, quick and accurate work uses the graphics tablet from the Wacom Intuos4. Software - Photoshop. We think that this point needs no explanation :)

Beauty in the red :) by Katrin-Elizabeth

How do you come up with the concepts for your photos? How do you manage to make the lovely cats and dogs to pose for your photos?

As we have said before, we always come up with the concept for the photoshoots together.
We need inspiration to get an idea for a new photoshoot. It always comes to us spontaneously.
For example, the inspiration, and then the idea may appear after listening to some very cool song.
Moreover, it is not necessary that the content of the song and the idea for the photoshoot will somehow cross at all :)
Just inspiration from another breathtaking creativity.
After the appearance of the idea – we discuss it in detail.
When discussing the idea gradually turning into a complete picture, that we want to see as a result.
Who should be depicted in the photo, in what position, what kind of light, a requisite... Sometimes we even do a sketch.
But, as practice shows, during the photoshoot, we do not always fully reproduce the sketch.
Sometimes, for example, the animal taking another position and makes the picture more interesting. We're working with living creatures :)

If you want to animal to pose well - you need to find an approach to it.
Simply put, you need to understand your model.
It is enough to observe attentively and determine what this cat or dog is.
Active or melancholy, shy or curious, to which it reacts, how it moves.
As a rule, we only need 5 minutes to define it for the new model.
In this way, by experience, we tune with the animal on one wave and predict its movements.

Diana of  Simba Iceberg by Katrin-Elizabeth

Your gallery contains several types of photography, from cats and dogs to people, to nature, which type do you enjoy the most working with and why?

Yes, we have quite a diverse portfolio. But, yet, unreal pleasure brings us pet photography.
Especially if it's Open-Air photoshoot. Natural lighting, beautiful nature, a charismatic hero - what could be better?
We'll tell you a secret that recently we have also started to experiment in the direction of taking pictures of people.

We believe that we will surprise you soon :)

Squirrel by Katrin-Elizabeth

How do you find the models that you work with?

They find us :)
When we started, we did not have a portfolio, so we did photoshoots on TFP terms.
It is happened so, that at that time, many breeders have been friends with us on social networks.
So, it was enough to write on our page the announcement of the fact that we need models of the following breeds.
Now, only our cats work with us on TFP terms:)

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal by Katrin-Elizabeth

Out of all your beautiful work, which piece is the one that is closer to your heart and why?

This is the most difficult question. And, honestly, we thought a lot about it, but we can not give a concrete answer.
Let it sounds pathetic and banal, but, nevertheless, each picture - is a piece of our lives.
These are memories, experienced emotions. Everyone see the final result on the Internet.
But we remember and process of creation, and funny stories, and our ingenuity in some situations:)
However, that's another story :)

Yorkshire Terrier 4 by Katrin-Elizabeth

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned about photography and why is it so important to you?

We can not say what is the most important lesson we have learned about photography, but we can tell about what we have learned thanks to photography.
Firstly, it is possible to sit on the reflector :) It's a joke ... or not :)
Secondly, safety is important. Seriously, guys, do not stand in the way of running dog!
Thirdly, medicines are very expensive, so do not lie down in the snow even for the perfect photo... however, lay for perfect photo:)

But seriously, thanks to photography, we learned that even the most creative idea can be realized!

New life by Katrin-Elizabeth

What aspects of photography would you like to explore, that you haven’t yet?

Definitely we would like to explore Open-Air photography with using of additional light sources.
It is very interesting, from a technical point of view, and increasingly popular trend. In addition, we would like to try us in conceptual photography, to create a story using grand props. We need to expand our horizons :)
And also we want drone :) If someone decides to give it to us - we will be crazily happy :)

Rhodesian Ridgeback by Katrin-Elizabeth

What is your favorite quote?

 "Miracles are made with our own hands" - Alexander Grin, Scarlet Sails.

Polar Bear by Katrin-Elizabeth

If you could give a useful piece of advice to someone who is considering photographing pets, what would it be?

Do not stand in the way of running dog, and remember that the ground is cold in the summer, too :)
More seriously, love animals and your work. These are the main things. The rest will come with experience!

Pomeranian by Katrin-Elizabeth

Any last words of wisdom you would like to share with us today?

Life can be very unpredictable.
But, even if you have failed - do not give up, because scars make us who we are.
Believe in yourself, see your dream and do everything to make it a reality!
Be creative!

Happy Valentine's Day! by Katrin-Elizabeth

Thank you Katrin-Elizabeth!!! :love: It's been a pleasure interviewing you guys!!!


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Today I present you Katrin-Elizabeth, an inspiring duo of artists who have a lot of love and passion for what they do!!! :love:

Grab a cup of tea and read the interview I did with them!!! :iconloveloveplz: You will learn a lot, trust me!!! :heart:
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