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Cute little things


ID Art by Thiefoworld - Tagline Art by inknalcohol

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

I'm a self taught artist, who has discovered the wonders of digital art in 2007. My software of preference is Adobe Illustrator, but I know my way around in a variety of other softwares. Sometimes I wish I had all the time in the world to dedicate just to my art, because it's my true passion!!! :love: ... My avatar image is my first uploaded painting when I opened my account back in October 2009, I was really proud of it, and will never forget how I felt when I saw the pageviews counter adding up!!! :faint: ... I thrive to never lose that sense of "awe" I had when I first started here, and so far it's intact!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::love::iconflyingheartsplz: Whenever I see a fave or someone gives me a llama, or they write me a comment, it brings me a lot of joy!!! :iconmimose-stock: That is why I would like to take this opportunity to thank in advance all of you who do so much to support me!!! :love: Sometimes life gets in the middle and I'm unable to answer each one of you individually, I will eventually answer, please know it!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconsweethugplz::iconflyingheartsplz: So thank you, my dears!!! :iconaawplz: From the bottom of my heart!!!

"I'm dying of LOVE, the worthiest of all deaths!!!" :heart::heart::heart:
(quote by me :icondivaplz:)

I've been Interviewed here:

Interview 1 - Interview 2 - Interview 3 - Interview 4


"Angel Without Wings"
This lovely award
was given to me
on 8/1/2013
Thank you so much, Natasha! :love:

"Shining Stars of Deviantart"
This lovely award was given to me
on 10/8/2013
Thank you so much, Cher! :love:

This lovely award was given to me
on 3/5/2014
Thank you so much, deviantHEART (and Nameda for creating the award)! :love:

"Senior Member"
Seniority was awarded to me
on 7/7/2014(part one)(part two)
Thank you so much, fourteenthstar (and all those who suggested me to her!!!)! :love:

"Selfless Award"
This lovely award was given to me
on 05/17/2015
Thank you so much, dAWishingWell! :love:

"Deviousness Award"
This lovely award was given to me
on 06/01/2015
Thank you so much, Moonbeam13! :love:


FAQ #106: What are the symbol next to each deviant's username?
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FAQ #569: What is the "Give" button on profile pages for?
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FAQ #234: What are Points?
FAQ #279: How do I earn Points?
All About plz Emoticons & How to Use Them
How to Make a Great Journal Feature
FAQ #34: Are there any rules for the journals?


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I'm worried for all my DA friends who live or have family in Munich, I know that many of you are from Germany, so I want you guys to know that you're all in my thoughts and prayers :iconflyingheartsplz::iconsweethugplz::iconflyingheartsplz: Please stay safe, my dears!!! :iconaawplz:
Dear Apple, bring art to the world and the world to art! Add an 'Art' category to the App Store. #artapp
I was tagged by the lovely Andorada :love: 

One Hell of a Butler by AlasseCarnesirSE2015 - X-windust by WaniniMAD by ArthurRamsey
Feast of All Saints by ScarlettlettersWhen summer is gone by Tusojosmil<da:thumb id="544436779"/>
flowers for ladys by Gobi-the-dogMoonbird by FrodoKbleh by Fukari
<da:thumb id="257028639"/>Love walking by smault23A Short Story About Love by ArtBIT

So I tag :drumroll: :drumroll: :drumroll: 
hosagu - PumpkinQueen13 - SavageFrog - lemgras330 - DMD-CT 
You guys have to look for 3-5 artworks that you recently faved, and add them in a little quick feature via your Watch Feed, like I did here :love: :blowkiss: Let's spread a little love around!!! :huggle:

Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl
Glasha by Lilia73Big gray owl III by Lilia73Baby Scops Owl III by makibirdbaby owl by da-bu-di-bu-da
Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl
Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: OwlSnoozing owl by s4yoOwl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl
Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl
Owl by mcgrath-photographyOwl child by tamaraRThe owl is served by Evelin-Novemberdusk
Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl
Owl Bust by ThomasotomHorned Owl by HubcapCreaturesBlue Owl by Fluro-Knifeburrowing owl by Apofiss
Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl
Owl Chicks by MoonYenOwl by RaBBiTKaOwl by HajnalkaMayor
Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl
Owl by LynfirOwl by MariLuciaOwl by SchokoladentorteOwl by BenBASSO
Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl
Owl Necklace by popnicuteOwl by alliserdemowl by Piquipauparroowl by protoperahe
Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl
Owl by Rovi-JesherOwl by meekjadeowl by carrieart
Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl

owl by eeveefox1

Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl
Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl :owlnoid: Owl

Owl-house Journal by RedilionOwlish Fairytale Journal Skin. by ZaellrinWatchmen  journal skin by arbrenoirDevious Diary Journal Skin by ladyzinebLone Wolf CSS by OfGermanBlood[FREE] CSS Night Owl by Teison

Pasion by luisbcHappy by luisbcValentine day!! by luisbc0.2 by luisbc
Secret Life of a Fractal by titiavanbeugen
Pasion by luisbcHappy by luisbcValentine day!! by luisbc0.2 by luisbc
Atomic decomposition of a fractal by ivankorsario
Pasion by luisbcHappy by luisbcValentine day!! by luisbc0.2 by luisbc
The Fractal Wizard by Trip-Artist 
Pasion by luisbcHappy by luisbcValentine day!! by luisbc0.2 by luisbc
Abstract Fractal by nmsmith
Pasion by luisbcHappy by luisbcValentine day!! by luisbc0.2 by luisbc
Fractal 1 by Addiena
Pasion by luisbcHappy by luisbcValentine day!! by luisbc0.2 by luisbc
The Fractal Wasp Troll by MANDELWERK
Pasion by luisbcHappy by luisbcValentine day!! by luisbc0.2 by luisbc
Fractal Bird of Paradise 2 by wolfepaw
Pasion by luisbcHappy by luisbcValentine day!! by luisbc0.2 by luisbc

Ball fractal by luisbcBall fractal by luisbc Ball fractal by luisbc Ball fractal by luisbc Ball fractal by luisbc

Mystique: Blue Journal CSS by Dragon-of-MidnightFractal Spider CSS by kuschelirmel-stockFractal Journal Ladies by VivirmividaFractal Journal by VivirmividaMystique: Purple CSS by Dragon-of-MidnightAutumn CSS Template by LilyasPulse Journal CSS by Gypsy-Space Fractal CSS - Journal by SaTaNiA

Angels Without Wings - 2016 July

Wed Jul 6, 2016, 9:59 AM

Who are Angels without Wings?

They are those fellow deviants:

yellow heart bullet  who more or less regularly feature other deviants
yellow heart bullet who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
yellow heart bullet who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
yellow heart bullet who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
yellow heart bullet who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
yellow heart bullet  who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular basis
yellow heart bullet who take the time to suggest seniority every now and then
yellow heart bullet who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not)
yellow heart bullet or whatever else helpful, kind, supportive they might do
You can read all about it HERE

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet 

At the beginning of each month 4 deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by TheGalleryOfEve and her Gangstas of love(in alphabetical order):

Andorada Annissina BloomingRoseXeniia Bushaqua davincipoppalag DeviBrigard Dieffi Florhalie DMD-CT Egil21 Ero-Haru EveLivesey Felizias gigi50 msfowle PaMonk PeppermintSoda rainylake  SolidMars Stygma Sublime-Feline suezn TheGalleryOfEve The-Lost-Hope TheRafflesia Tigles1Artistry Yuukon WakefieldDesigns WDWParksGal

Wanted: New Gangstas of Love!

If you'd like to spread the joy of featuring new Angels Without Wings apply now! It’s a simple task that you need to do once every month. Journal content is given to you, complete. Just choose 3 deviations from each of the new Angels galleries to add to the journal, upload it to your own account, and notify the new Angels of their feature. Simply note our group :iconangels-and-gangstas: to apply.

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet 

Now without further delay on to the 4 brand new angels:

:iconsomeconfettiplz: congrats everyone :iconsomeconfettiplz:
:iconwingsplz: it’s a delight to award you with the wings you so deserve :iconwingsplz:
Please do remember to leave comments for each of our dear Gangstas who feature you in their individual journals. And, you can now display the AWW stamp on your frontpage, in your journals or ID :love:

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:iconlucytherescuedcat: suggested by PaMonk and Andorada

"I have never seen such a beautiful and friendly Person she does many many wonderful Features
for everyone she has so much Love for Animals and wildlife and People and just is a Joy to be around.” ... "I adore her kitty journals and how she promotes adopting animals, especially with the poignant screen name." ... "Michelle's sweetness and kindness towards the whole community is one of the things that make her a true gem around here!!! :heart: We're very happy and proud to give her these wings today, congratulations dear friend!!!"

Adorable Lucy! by lucytherescuedcatThis is my mama's chair! by lucytherescuedcat
A Celebration by lucytherescuedcatWaiting on a hummingbird by lucytherescuedcat

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:icona1z2e3r: suggested by WakefieldDesigns

"Jean-Yves (A1Z2E3R) is one of the kindest deviants I have met in the community in a very long time. He is a provider to the community, offering some of the most amazing stock to artists here. He always replies to others with kindness and spreads love everywhere he visits. Jean-Yves is still learning the ropes here, and while he may not always post feature journals, he sends his watchers beautiful gifts to brighten their days. He is an AWESOME contributor to CoverStocks, and has helped to fill it's gallery with gorgeous images. For me, Jean-Yves is the picture of selflessness and everything an angel should be. I would love to see him soar with a new pair of wings. Congratulations dear friend!!!"

Entry of guadelupean house to old POINTE A PITRE by A1Z2E3RGate with statues of LERINS Abbey by A1Z2E3R
Medieval gentleman by A1Z2E3RGag of walnuts and vegetables and fruits old table by A1Z2E3R

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:iconlior-art: suggested by WakefieldDesigns and WDWParksGal

"Lior-Art is a very active deviant being an admin to ten groups and putting out journals of all types. He's been on DA over ten years and is one of the sweetest deviants out there" ... "His kindness and selfless way of being have made him an important part of this community, and his sweet support is felt wherever he goes!!! :heart: With these wings we want him to feel how beloved he is in this community and how much we value his support and his dedication to help his fellow deviants!!! With joy and pride, we put these wings on our dearest Lior!!! Congratulations my dear!!!"

She Comes In Colours by Lior-ArtHappy Passover by Lior-Art
BeachScene by Lior-ArtCity Wall Of Jerusalem-Praying By Night by Lior-Art

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

:icongeorgexvii: suggested by WDWParksGal and Andorada

"Since he has joined DA in June of 2014, GeorgeXVII has endeared himself to the community with his caring, avid commenting, quick contests and challenges, fun polls and constant and amazing DD suggestions to the CVs! Just take a look at the DDs and see how many were suggested by this man, who makes DA a joy to be around whenever I see his screen name behind a comment or poll or journal! He takes the time to do thoughtful features and makes sure to answer comments. GeorgeXVII is a dear and spreads good cheer just by being himself." ... "GeorgeXVII does not leave a stone unturned before he reaches his goal, catalyzing everyone on the way. He gives so much to this community, in his own way, and he supported me again and again! (heart, advice, time, points, listening, having fun). So I know first hand how generous he is, also with many other people. And he's a good listener/learner :heart:" ... "Congratulations on your new wings dear George!!!” ...

P A R A D I S E by GeorgeXVIIA T A C K by GeorgeXVII
Attitude by GeorgeXVIIShtandart (frigate) by GeorgeXVII

yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet yellow heart bullet 


Nominations for new Angels Without Wings
If you know any deserving deviants who meet the criteria at the top of this journal, please tell us! We are always looking for new Angels to award.

Simply Note our group :iconangels-and-gangstas: with ‘AWW Suggestion’ as the subject, along with at least 5 sentences telling us why the deviant deserves to earn their Wings. Please, one suggestion per Note only!
Please check to make sure your suggested nominee was not awarded already, you can find the list of Awarded Angels HERE

If you do suggest, please have a look to make sure the nominees good deeds are visible for everyone visiting their pages!! Everyone needs to clearly see why the person deserves their Award.And please write at least 5 sentences why you suggest this deviant :D (Big Grin)

Skin by Dan Leveille - Edited by TheGalleryOfEve - (Wings courtesy of Alegion-stock)

If I were to create resources that you guys could use ... what would be on your wish list? :paranoid: Comment!!! :nuu: 

33 deviants said I have passed the 11,000 watchers mark, and I'd love to celebrate it by creating something of use for you!!! Give Gift Emote by Mirz123 :flirty:
29 deviants said Give me ideas of what would be useful for you!!! :iconikillitplz:

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
If you're looking for a powerhouse of positivity in the DeviantArt community, look no further than TheGalleryOfEve. Eve's kindness, charm, and abundance of positive energy has been a beacon in the community for several years, and the good nature that she brings with her everywhere she goes is infectious. From leaving motivational comments for others, to featuring artists in the community who help one another out, Eve's dedication to making the DeviantArt community a better place has made her a shining star. We're proud to name TheGalleryOfEve as the Deviousness Award recipient for June 2015.
-awarded June 2015

Journal History


I have my "OWN" holiday! :icondivaplz:
:icondramaqueensignplz: And it will be in ...

My birthday badge

Life Improvement

These are articles I found around deviantART.
I believe with all my heart that
they can save a life somehow! :love:
If this helps you in any way,
then I could call this "Mission Accomplished"!!! :iconlainloveplz:

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